Investigating Any Person or Business You Require

Expertly Carrying out Detective Services and Private Investigation throughout India

Detective services, from private investigation to asset verification, is what we’re known for within India. At Godwill Investigation & Security Private Limited, our professional team uncover everything you need to know about an individual or a business. Below there is a brief outline of the areas we cover, please get in touch with our team to find out how we’re able to help you.


• Quasi-Government and Government Agencies

• Execution of Projects Where Private Investigation Can Be Involved
• Projects of Discreet Nature
• Projects of Discreet Nature on Environment Security
• Project Which Can Not Be Entrusted to a Law Enforcement Agency
• Any Other Assignment Entrusted to Us


• Background Verifications (Both Pre and Post Employment) and Screening

• Due Diligence
• Investigation of Any Crime in a Firm or Company Establishment
• Undercover Operation to Find Any Fraud, Mischief etc.
• Incident and Accident Investigation
• Insurance Claims Verification
• Bribery and Other Frauds
• Background Verification of Vendors, Clients, and Contractors
• Evidence Collection
• Business Information Report
• Investigation of Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, Trademark Abuse, and Copyrights
• Litigation and Asset Verification


• Pre and Post Marital Verification

• Infidelity Verification/Investigation
• Discreet Enquiries
• Background Verification for Leasing and Renting out Premises
• Asset Verification
• Skip Tracing or Tracing of Missing Persons, Defaulters of Loans
• Observation and Surveillance
• Any Other Requirement from Customers